7 Essentials for self-love

Do you know what self-love means? Quite a lot of people think that it is pretty much self-esteem and confidence together. For those who think the same, it’s not. It’s far more than just those two words we try and wear as a badge so proudly.

So what does self-love look like? Self-love is when you accept yourself. Self-love is when you like and respect yourself. Self-love is striving to give yourself the best life you possibly can.


What the lack of self-love looks like:

1. You internalise negative comments.

2. You limit yourself by believing that you can’t achieve anything.

3. Other people’s words and actions dictate what you will achieve.


“You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

It’s important to know that what you think about yourself impacts the way you behave. Self-doubt is poison and will slowly but surely cripple you. Only YOU can turn self-doubt into self-love. Have you considered lately what you think about yourself? Have a look at what is stopping you from going for gold.

7 Things I want to challenge you with:

1. Stay focused on the positive things in your life.

It’s getting too easy to talk about the bad. Negative thoughts have a way of taking over our mind before we even notice that it is happening. Try to stay fixed on the positive things in your life.

2. Look after yourself.

You deserved to be pampered. “Me time” is one of the utmost important things we need in order to love and look after ourselves. Treat yourself the same way you will treat the people in your life. Do the things YOU love to do and do nice things for YOURSELF.


3. Write down all your achievements.

You are beautiful and wonderfully put together. You deserve to be celebrated so write down those achievements and don’t you dare forget how far you have come.

4. Respect yourself.

You need to remember to go easy on yourself. Stop worrying about the small stuff. Deal with yourself in kindness. You deserve gentleness.

5. Grow and work on yourself.

Quite often when we lack self-love, we withdraw from life and all the exciting things. We miss out on taking part in life and having fun without feeling the “eyes” burning the back of our skulls. Learn new skills and open yourself up to new experiences.


6. Challenge yourself.

Experiencing new things and realising that you actually don’t suck as much as you thought feels amazing. Take it a day at a time but DO challenge yourself. You might just find that you have SO MUCH more potential than you ever imagined.

7. Stick to healthy relationships.

The biggest thief of self-love is toxic relationships. Love yourself enough to only invest in relationships who add value to your life. Quit listening to the negativity. Stop carrying other people’s burdens who only like to knock your feet out from under you while you are carrying THEIR heavy load. You need positive people in your life who encourage you and support your dreams.


Build your confidence and decide on what you believe about yourself. Self-love is freeing.


Lots of love



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