She Is Strong

There is something amazing happening in the world at the moment. Women are standing up for what they deserve and finding their identities within instead of in the world. I am still on “the” journey and yet to find out what it DOESN’T mean to be a woman, but something I need to remind myself daily is that I am strong. I can and I will. I have the ability to conquer whatever comes my way and I do not need a man’s assistance. I also don’t need a group of girls to follow me or hold my hand to do anything. I do not need the perfect body to achieve great things nor do I need a tanned, smooth and scar free skin to be me. One thing I do need is to know that I am strong. Even at my weakest moments. I am enough, and strongly just so.

Below is a free download for your phone’s wallpaper/screensaver. I will be designing one every month to serve as a little sticky note to remind you that you are enough in this world.


To save, tap and hold your finger in on the photo and then select save. 👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

I am Strong-2


Lots of love



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