Finding My Voice

In a conversation yesterday I found myself talking about decluttering my life. I spoke about how I simply unfriended people in my heart that sat around like ornaments without a purpose.


People who “loved” me when they needed something but disappeared when life got good. Harsh? No not really… it’s called being healthily selfish.

I started seeing all the things in my life

that simply take up space and make me feel


I took that a step further… I have 5 shirts and 3 pairs of pants in my wardrobe and I have never enjoyed getting dressed in the mornings as much as I do at the moment.
As of that moment I decided that i will rebuild my life, my heart and my home with things I treasure, things I actually like and people I actually love. And who loves me back.

I have changed, my style has changed and will constantly change. It’s because my heart changed and slowly I find my voice again. My voice that I will not smother because of someone else.

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